The Creative Director

Inspired by the mischievous & fun-loving nature of her 2 children, Peter & Milana, Lebanese fashion designer Jessica Khoueiri-Achkar (JESSICA K) created Little Bluffers, a fashion label for your little ones with a bold & playful attitude, catering to modern & urban kids from 0 to 8 years old.

Using quality materials & fun designs, Little Bluffers creates long-lasting garments that are functional, trendy & a little rock’n’roll, capable of following active kids everywhere, all day & every day.

Little Bluffers collections feature 2 sub-lines: ALL DAY LONG for cool & casual every day clothing. BIG MOMENTS that are more delicate pieces for those special occasions kids just can’t miss.


YepThey’re the inspiration behind it all!
Peter & Milana have been our designer’s driving creative force right from the start. It’s their kind & loving, yet sneaky & mischievous characters that have fueled the versatile style that defines the Little Bluffers collections.

Oh! And don’t you worrythese little bluffers have their own say in every piece that’s designed! Because if they like it, we know other kids like them will too!

Meet Our Team

Little Bluffers is a young company, just over 3 years old, made up of 3 dedicated, dynamic and rarely cranky team members.

Every Little Bluffers piece is designed with care, passion & some mischief, using the highest-quality local production in Beirut, Lebanon. We kid you not!

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